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Stephanie Jeter -- Missing Piece


Stephanie Jeter -- Missing Piece

Front Cover Final-page-001.jpg
Front Cover Final-page-001.jpg

Stephanie Jeter -- Missing Piece


Stephanie's solo album, release date 8/28/16

1 Darlin’ Cora 3 - traditional, from BF Shelton

2 Just a Few Old Memories - Hazel Dickens

3 Won’t You Come and Sing for Me - Hazel Dickens

4 Ebenezer - traditional

5 Down in the Willow Garden - traditional

6 Jubilee - George Gibson / Jean Ritchie

7 You Led Me to the Wrong- Ola Belle Reed

8 Even Wildflowers Wilt - Dana Gillian

9 The Storms are on the Ocean - AP Carter

10 Pumpkin Pie - traditional, from Joe Thompson

11 Wildwood Flower - AP Carter

12 O Beautiful Hills of Galilee - traditional, from Hazel Dickens

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Stephanie Jeter - vocals, bass, autoharp, dancing
Brett Ratliff - guitar (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11), harmony vocals
Sam Gleaves - fiddle, guitar (tracks6, 7, 8), harmony vocals
Tyler Hughes - banjo, harmony vocals (track 6)
Dirk Powell - banjo (track 1), mandolin
Recorded at the East Tennessee State University Recording lab in the winter of 2016
Ben Bateson, studio engineer
Dylan Seals, mixing and mastering
Photographs by James Edgar
Album design by Jen Iskow
Produced by Stephanie Jeter